Wharton is Ready for Retail

In the heart of a region that supports a thriving agricultural sector, it’s no surprise that the Wharton Farmer’s Market is a savory showplace for local farmers and artisans ready to reap rich rewards from a city that’s always hungry for quality. However, that hunger for quality is also yielding healthy profits for an array of restaurants and retail establishments flourishing throughout Wharton.

Eastgate Plaza Shopping Center
In 2016, the Houston-based developer Williamsburg Enterprises transformed the newly purchased Eastgate Shopping Center with a fresh façade, which drew new tenants and new energy. 

Harrison Estate Co.

National Chains

It also proved to be a home run for Hibbett Sporting Goods, Inc.; the national chain opened its second Wharton County store in Eastgate. 

All together in 2015-2016, approximately 20 different retail businesses were newly opened or expanded. In Wharton’s historic, pedestrian-friendly downtown, the menu of dining options now ranges from organic goodness to international flair, while across the city, revved-up growth includes major renovations to Don Elliot’s Autoworld and a newly opened Love’s Travel Stop.

Wharton’s lower housing costs, combined with increased economic development, give residents more disposable dollars than ever, making Wharton ripe for retail development today.
Discover: Opportunity Gap
This means more people purchase items
outside of the defined Sherman trade area
than in the Sherman defined trade area for
their consumer goods and services. Finding
the specific categories where they are
leaving the market is the key. Dark gray
shows block groups of retail synergy
capturing those dollars. This is where our
focus will be to place new retailers and


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