Infrastracture & Development

Strategic planning and investment plus a dynamic mix of municipal, regional and private sourcing assure non-stop service, high capacity and low costs in utilities. Wharton offers industry the power to succeed.

Top energy choices in a deregulated market

Since 2015, deregulation of the Texas energy market has brought prices below the national average, and in Wharton, industry enjoys the best of all worlds through superb transmission and leading providers:

AEP Texas and CenterPoint Energy keep Wharton “on go” with reliable transmission and distribution service, and top quality in the maintenance of wires, poles and electric infrastructure.

Kansas City Railroad

Kansas City Southern Railroad has recently been acquired by Canada Pacific, creating an integrated rail network connecting Canada, the American Midwest and Gulf Coast all the way to Mexico’s Pacific Coast ports. Wharton is transected by KCS track and offers opportunities for rail-tied development. Just ten miles south of Kansas City’s major Texas multi-modal facility at Kendleton and ideally located to take advantage of the rail facilities for warehouse, distribution, and logistical facilities.

I-69 Extension

Wharton is strategically located on the I-69 corridor, the primary U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade route, Wharton’s section of U.S. Highway 59 is currently undergoing a $400 million upgrade to urban interstate standards, providing rapid access to the greater Houston Metropolitan area and beyond. The newly constructed frontage roads will provide opportunities for retailers looking to capitalize on the over 27,000 daily traffic counts.

Levee Project

Wharton is constructing a $130 million levee system in partnership with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to provide structural flood mitigation from the Colorado River. Repeated historic flooding has impeded Wharton’s growth, the levee system will remove large tracts of land from the floodplain, incenting pent-up growth.

Abundantly clear advantages in water costs and capacity

Fluid needs are met with abundance and low costs in Wharton, thanks to impressive infrastructure investment and careful management. The $250 million Lane City Reservoir Project is adding 90,000 acre-feet of firm water to the regional water supply, while the meticulous management and assessment of groundwater resources by the Coastal Bend Conservation District ( keeps water clean and flowing. At the city’s premiere industrial sites, 12” water lines deliver approximately 60 pounds of pressure, with a capacity up to 1 million gallons per day, with waste water capacity up to 500,000 gallons per day.


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