Critical Labor Force Development Engines

In today’s global market, an agile, affordable labor force is critical. Regardless of sector, cost and quality must be perfectly calibrated—a balance that makes Wharton industry powerfully competitive.

A Houston-Huge Labor Pool

In a manufacturing-intensive region, local employers leverage a labor shed in excess of 3 million, with nearly a million workers available within a 60-minute radius of Wharton.

A Wharton-Strong and Focused Force

An expertly-focused screening process facilitated by the Wharton EDC lays the foundation for excellence and growth through strategic team selection, followed by customized training to ensure peak productivity—provided at no cost for qualified employers through the Texas Skills Development Fund.

Wharton’s labor force development promises both choice and redundancy, with two of the state’s top community colleges ready to collaborate to provide tailored training wherever and whenever it’s need, from startup through expansion, in the classroom or on the shop floor.

Wharton County Junior College (WCJC)

Ranked #1 in Texas by and named by the Aspen Institute as one of the top 150 community colleges in the nation, WCJC has also earned the region-wide trust of industry leaders as a premiere custom training resource. From process technology to engineering design, from welding to machining to computing, WCJC has the development experience and expertise to move your operation from zero to start-up quickly, and to growth and success year over year.
More About WCJC

Texas State Technical College (TSTC)

TSTC’s diverse offerings include 40 programs in four important areas alone—Transportation, Construction and Maintenance, Engineering and Manufacturing, Environmental and Safety. Thus, while TSTC is a key resource for residents looking hone their skills, the school is also a valued partner for industry, seeking top performance. A collaborative effort with WCJC assures comprehensive choice as well as any needed redundancy for labor force training that meets and exceeds global standards.

Rich regional opportunities are also easily accessed at 14 major institutions of higher education, including Baylor, Rice, Texas Southern University and University of Houston, ranked “very high” in the Carnegie Classification system with research expenditures of over $127 million and an endowment of nearly $600 million.

Workforce Solutions

The Gulf Coast Workforce Board and its operating affiliate labor force Solutions, are the public workforce system in the 13-county Houston-Galveston region of Texas. We help employers meet their human resource needs and individuals build careers, so both can compete in the global economy.


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